In 1958 I met this amazing child who dreamt of becoming a pilot; he enjoyed dreaming while he built model airplanes with propellers. He started piloting small planes because he was fascinated by flying; and the sense of freedom that flying gives you filled his life with the dream of exploring the world and discovering new places.

He was a born pilot, and through flying aerobatics for fun he became famous in the world of aviation. One day there was a terrible emergency, and he was called on to save a small mountain community threatened by flames. The task was extremely dangerous, but his sense of freedom led him to take it on. Flying practically through the flames he managed to put out the fire and freed these people from the danger facing them.

Years have passed, and such dangerous tasks are no more than a vivid memory, but his charm and his free spirit and his dream live on within him, as he pilots the world's largest airliners flying through the skies in discovery of the world.

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